lieutenant2k (lieutenant2k) wrote,

Нельзя вот так просто взять и нанять Data Scientist-а

Looking to hire a Jr Data Scientist:

- 15 years Python
- 30 years SQL
- 20 years AWS
- 15 years Spark
- 15 years Terraform
- Core contributor to assembly code base
- Team player
- Should have some sort of martial arts experience, whether Ninja, Jujitsu, or Karate. All 3 is preferred.
- Knows SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL and all future flavors of SQL
- Project Management experience
- Strong experience with Keras, TensorFlow, Sklearn, XGBoost and preferably has written their own ML library from scratch.
- Should have published at least 2 top level academic papers preferably focused around a Convolutional Recurrent Back-propagating Neural Network
- Open source contributor at least 5 projects.
- Experience leading teams of 10,000 people or more
- Managed CI/CD pipeline for an application with at least 2 billion daily users
- Should have at least 1 PhD, 5 is preferred.

Yes, we have ping pong tables and an open floor plan and lots of salty snacks in the breakroom. Organic Kombucha on tap.

The interviews will consist of a 5 day process of whiteboarding algorithms from scratch followed by writing your own compiler and a coding exam will be taken at random from the 20 most popular programming languages.
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